Drop what you're doing and head up to Grand Junction's Mica Mine right now! The hike is excellent, the conditions are perfect, and you owe it to yourself to take this walk.

Okay, so the Mica Mine isn't going anywhere. You could hike it this weekend. As true as that may be, here are a few reasons why you should hike this trail right now.

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A Great Way To Get Outdoors

The hike to the mine is relatively easy. With the exception of a few ledges at the trailhead, the hike pretty much consists of walking a well-marked trail. You will need to step over a small stream on a couple of occasions, but this is of little concern. Worst case scenario, you get a little mud on the bottom of your shoe.

Just For Old Times Sake

For some weird reason, this last Sunday I had a burning desire to drive up Little Park Road and continue on to Glade Park. My family used to live at the top of Little Park, so this was a stroll around the old neighborhood.

On the way back down it seemed appropriate to stop off at the Mica Mines. From what I've been told, my great-grandfather, John Wesley Clark, owned it for a little while. Based on what has been said about the man, smart money says he won the mine in a poker game.

A Great Hike For Everyone

Along the way, you'll encounter fascinating remnants from the days when the mine was still in operation. There are plenty of photo ops, places to rest, and tons of things for kids to climb on. Almost any age can make the hike.

How To Get To The Mica Mines

To reach the trailhead for the mica mine, just head up Little Park Road as if you are heading to Glade Park. The parking area is clearly marked.

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The hike to the mica mine can get hot, as in really hot, during the summer months. You can hike it in the winter, but the trail is in the shade almost 24/7 in the winter months, so it can get slippery.

Right now, August 15, 2022, Grand Junction temperatures are hovering in the upper 80s with a slight chance of showers. Yesterday's early-evening temperature was perfect.

Waylon's Top 10 Reasons To Hike The Mica Mines

NOW is the time. Make the hike to the mica mines while the conditions are perfect. Set aside a little time, call up your friends, and make a point to enjoy this easy Western Colorado hike.

10 Reasons You Should Hike Grand Junction's Mica Mines Right Now

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