I'm a huge fan of locally owned and operated small businesses. Here's a quick rundown of ten reasons why we should all support small Grand Junction, Colorado businesses as we roll into the new year.

Obviously, we should support locally-owned businesses year-round. With Christmas just days away, and the new year right after that, this is a perfect time to revisit the topic.

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Grand Junction, Colorado Businesses Know Who You Are

Look what awaited me the other day upon visiting a Grand Junction restaurant. I drop by this place about once or twice a week.

The server brought me a coffee (served in my own mug) and a special surprise. When was the last time you received a Christmas card from a restaurant? That's right, my own personal coffee mug, my own personal booth, and a Christmas card, all at a restaurant where I don't even have to tell the server what I want since they already know. Local, local, local.

Nothing Against Big Business

Looking back over 2021, my shopping habits involved five or six orders from Amazon.com. A few books (most of which I couldn't find locally), a new humidifier, and some assorted nutritional supplements.

There are times when a major retailer has exactly what you need. That's cool, too.

The Older I Get The More I Shop Local

I don't know about you, but before I buy something, I like to "try it on." When it comes to buying new musical gear, it's preferable to go to Hart's Music and try the equipment out. When it comes to clothing, ordering online is hit-and-miss at best. The local clothing shops have fitting rooms and attendants who don't laugh at me when measuring my waistline.

It looks as though the desire to shop local small businesses and visit brick-and-mortar restaurants is a growing movement around the country. Here are ten reasons, courtesy of Cox Blue, to shop local in 2022.

10 Reasons to Shop Grand Junction Colorado Small Businesses in 2022

Courtesy of Cox BLUE, here are ten reasons to shop Grand Junction, Colorado local small businesses.

Downtown Grand Junction Businesses of Yesterday

If you stop and think about it, several of the business pictured above are still up and running. Most of these photos were taken in the 1950s. Almost 70 years later, many are still going strong. Sure, some have moved to new locations, but others, Quincy's for example, are right where they've always been.

Grand Junction Fashion of the Past - Robert Grant Photos

Here's a fashion flashback to Grand Junction, Colorado, of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Many of these photos appeared in Sunday inserts promoting new fashions from Downtown Grand Junction merchants.

Grand Junction Workers Having a Rough Day on the Job

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