Grand Junction Harley Davidson collected 3,000 toys during their Toy Run this past Saturday (Dec 2.) Over 800 bikes were present during Harley's 38th Annual Toy Run.

My first ever, and Grand Junction Harley Davidson's 38th Annual, Toy Run was definitely a success. I don't think I've ever seen that many bikes in one place before. Over 800 bikes were present this past Saturday. The bikers did not come empty-handed either.

They collected 3,000 toys during their 38th Toy Run which is amazing! Santa led the way to drop off the toys at Grand Mesa Middle School and I even had a chance to talk to Santa for a few.

I got my picture with Santa and said 'I'd like some money for Christmas.' To which Santa replied, 'yeah me too.' I loved seeing all the bikes decked out with tinsel, lights, and toys. I'm sure any kid would love to have a giant teddy bear, Yoda dressed up like Santa or an inflatable dinosaur.

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