This Grand Junction, Colorado event may have very well been the sport of kings. Take a trip back to June of 1952 with these Robert Grant Images of Grand Junction's donkey races.

Apparently, donkey races, or perhaps more accurately, burro races, used to be a thing in Grand Junction. The event is still around. In this case, though, we're looking at images from past tournaments of champions.

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Do People Really Race Burros?

According to The Gazette, the proper designation is "state summer heritage sport." That is, at least, according to legislation from 2012. In addition, it looks as though only Colorado has this particular piece of legislation.

Does This Still Happen In Colorado?

You betcha. As a matter of fact, the Naturita Colorado Inaugural Pack Burro Race is coming up on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

Grand Junction's Donkey Races of June 1952

Each of the images in the gallery below was lifted from negatives. Aside from minor cropping, they have not been altered. Unfortunately, aside from the location of "fairgrounds" and the date of "June 1952," Bob Grant did not provide any other information with the negatives.

As I Mentioned Yesterday...

The photographer responsible for these photos, Robert Grant, passed away in November 2000. Following his death, his son-in-law, Arlie Jordan, began the process of finding, sorting, digitizing, and archiving Grant's photos. When Arlie passed away in 2019, I took over the job.

After close to four years, I've hardly put a dent in this massive project. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to be about a billion and six years old by the time this project is completed. With that, I recently made the decision to hand over all of Bob Grant's personal prints, negatives, and some of his photography equipment to the Museum of the West. Hundreds of prints have already been delivered, and the digitizing process is well underway.

Coming up in 2024, keep your eyes open for a Robert Grant exhibit at the Museum of the West. The project has already started, but the curator at the museum assured me it will be at least 2024 before the exhibit is ready.

Classic Photos: Grand Junction Colorado's Coveted Donkey Races of 1952

Did you ever attend the Donkey Races at Grand Junction's Mesa County Fair? Given that this was 71 years ago, it's unlikely any of us were there.

Take a look at a handful of Robert Grant images lifted from recently discovered negatives. These images are from the Donkey Races of June 1952.

Like always, keep your eyes open for someone you recognize. Every time one of these photo posts are shared someone recognizes their dad, grandpa, great-grandmother, or some close relative.

NEXT: More Classic Robert Grant Photos of Grand Junction, Colorado

Take a trip back in time to Grand Junction and the surrounding communities of the 1940s and 50s. These Robert Grant photos focus on crews hard at work building... stuff.

Today, Wednesday, March 8, 2023, marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Colorado's Eisenhower Tunnel. Between that and a colossal pain-in-the buns concrete pour I have going on right now at my house, my mind is very much on construction.

Scan the gallery, and you'll see images of various area construction projects including bridges, schools, and a hospital or two. All photos by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant.

NEXT: Even More Classic Robert Grant Photos of Grand Junction, Colorado

These photos were selected, or perhaps more accurately, grabbed from a box of random photos from Grand Junction photographer Robert Grant. In some cases those pictured can be identified. In others... not so much. Keep an eye out for someone you recognize.

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