Grand Junction, Colorado is famous for our wine, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and countless other fascinating things. When it comes to locals, though, what are we really known for?

I went to social media and asked you to fill in the blank: "Welcome to Grand Junction, home of the ____?" Here's what you had to say.

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Grand Junction Colorado's Many Claims To Fame

Grand Junction is known for so many things. If you check out the website Visit Grand Junction, you'll find their list, "10 Things You Can Only Experience In Grand Junction." Their list includes:

  • Explore the Colorado National Monument at sunrise
  • Try downhill biking at Powderhorn Mountain Resort
  • Stand Up Paddle Board on the Colorado River
  • Get serious about mountain biking
  • Five beautifully designed public golf courses
  • The Museum of the West - 50 years and going strong
  • Art murals on the Riverfront Trail
  • The Grand Junction Motor Speedway
  • Hike or ski the Grand Mesa
  • Shop Downtown Grand Junction

Other Claims To Fame For Grand Junction

Many of you mentioned Western Colorado's awesome parks, rivers, mountains, and in one isntance, the desert. I don't know how often people make mention of our local desert terrain. Regardless, it made your list.

Local Legends

It's been 20 years or so, and people still tell the tale of the legend of Speedo Man. I haven't seen Nathan (his secret identity) since the late 1990s, but people still tell of the legend. Check out the gallery below, and you'll see how many times his name came up in your comments.

On A Positive Note

Social engagement questions such as this often serve as a forum from which people can express their frustration. The gallery below includes several comments regarding Grand Junction's driving skills, drug issues, and the occasional political rant. For the most part, though, the comments are predominantly positive, praising our local peaches, businesses, natural features, and concert venues.

According To You, Grand Junction Is Home Of The...?

Grand Junction, Colorado is home to many amazing things. The city is home to Colorado Mesa University, the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, countless businesses, and phenomenal sports teams. What other bragging rights do we have. I asked you to fill in the blank: "Welcome to Grand Junction, home of the ____?" Here's what you had to say.

Grand Junction Doesn't Own These Common Items

Grand Junction Changing Through the Years

Scroll through these photos to see how Grand Junction has changed throughout the years. Some show the change in as few as four years ... four!

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