Did you realize that no matter where you go, people don't really know how to drive?

Grand Junction Does Not Have the World's Worst Drivers

People think that Grand Junction has the worst drivers in the world, but I'm here to tell you that simply is not true. You can find bad drivers all across Colorado and you don't have to look all that hard. Grand Junction isn't all that unique.

Having said that, however, I will admit there are times when I wonder if Grand Junction is hosting a convention for Colorado's worst drivers. Yes, sometimes it seems like all the bad drivers in Colorado have somehow managed to all gather in the same location.

Grand Junction Drivers Don't Know the Basic Rules of Driving

Listen, I know it feels like 80% of the drivers in Grand Junction shouldn't even have a driver's license, but, you need to understand something. Their lack of basic driving skills is not their fault. They simply don't know the basic rules of driving. Please, don't blame and shame these poor people who have never been properly taught the finer points of safe and courteous driving.

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Grand Junction Drivers Need to Be Enlightened

What we need to do is provide some education for these poor Grand Junction drivers. They need to be enlightened and informed, The blinders need to be removed from their eyes They need to find the truth and be placed on the straight and narrow path of righteous driving.

Bad Rules For Driving In Grand Junction

I am here today to provide to you, absolutely free of charge with no obligation or financial commitment required, the official Bad Rules For Driving In Grand Junction. Follow these rules and you will be amazed at how popular you become with other drivers and you will discover how "friendly" they can be.

Here Are the Types of Drivers You'll Encounter in Colorado

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