Grand Junction Cold Case #2. Colorado Bureau of Investigation case number 87-28651. Robert David Lavender, 45. 

August 26, 1987. 45-year-old Robert 'David' Lavender was found beaten to death. His body was discovered under the Broadway bridge, across from some railroad tracks.

According to police reports, he had been there for some time. Witnesses say he was last seen in the vicinity of the bridge. Here's is what little we know of the victim:

  • Formerly of Amarillo, TX
  • Had worked as a welder and mechanic
  • Had a criminal record in Texas and Colorado
  • Possibly linked to another cold case murder 10 months earlier - Gerald Burns

This case was reopened in 2014. Police said at that time they had some possible new evidence that was going to be tested by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for 'Touch DNA' analysis. In addition, Grand Junction Police says they have names of several of Mr. Lavender's friend's and associates.

I could not find any article or report on those 'Touch DNA' tests that were to be conducted.

If you have any information, I would suggest contacting the Grand Junction police.

970-549-5000 (Main Line)

970-242-6707 (Non-emergency dispatch number)

BONUS VIDEO: Grand Junction Ghost Video:


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