**Each week I’ll feature fun activities you and your kids can enjoy for the rest of summer vacation

The kids only have a couple more weeks left before school begins. Now we're trying to stuff as much fun is as you can before the kids go back.

You've probably hit all the amusement parks or water parks, so let's try something a little different.

If you have never been to a fun center than you are missing out! Here are a few of them that you can choose from.

You will be getting your Tarzan on at Jungle Quest. They have rope courses a zip line, tree-house, and caves. I mean it is all here for your kids to be the king of the jungle. This is a place meant for kids. I know before school starts this is one of the places I will be taking my kids to have some fun.

Fort Fun has pretty much everything you want to do under one roof. This place is meant for the whole family to enjoy. There's laser tag, a shooting gallery, an arcade and that's just naming a few. You could spend the whole day in this place and not even have to leave to eat. You and your kids will have so much fun you will want to keep going back.

Kidzplex is awesome. I love taking my kids here, and they love going every time. They have a place called the Fun Factory, which is a tube maze thing. The kids will have a blast the whole time they are there. I'm a big fan of their climbing wall and an obstacle course just to start.

The Big Time Fun Center is an awesome place to go. Especially if you like trampolines. This place is filled with trampolines for your kids to enjoy. They also have dodge ball so you can get your throw on. If that isn't enough for you and your kids why not try the arcade.

Dizzy Family Fun Center will blow your mind. Not only do they have laser tag with 4,000 square feet of space. They also have Nerf wars! I know, I'm excited about that too. That is something I use to do as a kid and always wished for an arena. You can also see how much of a ninja you are on their awesome ninja course.

Being a kid at heart still, these are places that I will be taking my kids before the beginning of school. Might as well get as much fun in as you can!

This content is brought to you by our partners at Bananas Fun Park. Bananas invite you to their newly opened water park, Coconut Cove. In addition to their already fun activities, now Bananas offers a place to cool off on a hot summer day.

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