The late Bob Guyton remembered in an interview he did talking about his retirement from the Guyton Fun Junction amusement park.

After I did the post yesterday of the official announcement that Guyton's Fun Junction was closing in 1999, I  came across this interview with Bob and Maebeth Guyton when they announced their retirement in 1994.

We all know the story of this amazing place and all the memories it has provided. This is a time to remember a man who literally changed Grand Junction with his bare hands.

George Robert Guyton was born September 19, 1924, in Emporia, Kansas. Served in the 66th Panther Infantry Division and the 42nd Rainbow Infantry Division for the Army in Salzburg, Austria. After being discharged he moved to Green River, Wyoming and opened a roller skating rink, where coincidentally he met his future bride, Maebeth. They were married in 1952 and moved a couple of times before finally settling on Grand Junction.

The park literally started as just a mini-golf course, but through the years Bob added more and more rides and attractions, including the actual Tilt-A-Whirl that was in the movie 'State Fair.'

45 years of pleasure, fun and many smiles to not only Grand Junction residents, but all who visited Fun Junction.

He's been gone since 2013, but he will always be in the minds and memories of a great many numbers of people.

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