Are you in the market for stuff? How about free stuff? These amazing items are available for free right now on Craigslist in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Don't let these pass you by. When was the last time you got anything for free?

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Free Things Right Here in Grand Junction Colorado

If my mother were still alive, all ten of these items would already be in her garage. The matter of whether or not she needed them is irrelevant.

Every now and then you want something but can't necessarily justify going out and spending the money. Do you have reason to believe you may one day need storage boxes? These posts have a handful of moving and storage boxes, most looking to be in excellent condition. Somewhere in Grand Junction is someone who's tired of climbing over them. They're available for free to the first person who'll haul them away.

Items Which Can Easily Be Repurposed

One of the posts listed makes mention of salvage lumber. Have you seen the price of new lumber lately? If you're looking for scraps, or even potential firewood (although lumber isn't always the best for burning) look no further.

For Those of Us Not Familiar With Craiglist

According to Wikipedia, Craigslist " an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community servicegigsrésumés, and discussion forums."

For this post, the search was conducted using a radius of ten miles centered on the zip code 81501. Upon reaching the designated search area, I selected the category "free" under the "for sale" heading.

10 Free Things You Can Find On Craigslist Right Now in Grand Junction Colorado

The price of free is pretty hard to beat. Do you need these items? No? That doesn't matter. They're free. These items are available for free right now, Thursday, January 27, 2022, via Craigslist.

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