This will the second location for a great brewery established in Frederick, and part of a 'common center' for a new development in Loveland.

Just northeast of The Promenade Shops at Centerra in Loveland, they have been working on a building; not a home, a building. It's been a curiosity for me, and others I suspect, for months. It's The Hub.

The Hub is part of a new home development in that area, Kinston. Part of Kinston will be a 'Central Amenity Campus,' Kinston Commons, which will have the development's swimming pool, a large lawn/event area, and a splash pad. There will also be 'The Hub' where you'll find Mountain Cowboy Brewing. They are more than just a craft brewer.

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I've been to Mountain Cowboy's original location in Downtown Frederick, and it's great. They are coffee roasters too, so you can get great craft beer or a great coffee drink. They also have a little bakery, which just adds to the 'coolness' of the place. I can see where a place like this would fit into the 'vibe' that Kinston is putting together.

Facebook/Mountain Cowboy Brewing Co

I see this 'Kinston Commons' as almost a Jessup Farm feel. If you've been over the Jessup Farm area, they have coffee, ice cream, a brewery, a nice restaurant. All separate businesses, but together, in their way.

TSM/Dave Jensen
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It looks like Mountain Cowboy's café will also be a part of the 'Welcome Center' for folks looking to buy home in Kinston.

TSM/Dave Jensen

Coming before the summer of 2022, I really do look forward to this addition to Loveland. Having a place to get a beer OR a coffee, with nice scenery around you, will be great. If Kinston were to add a disc golf course, I'd be ecstatic.

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