It's been a busy August for the Larimer County Department of Health, as their routine inspections of food establishments across the county turned up some serious issues that needed to be addressed at a handful of restaurants across Fort Collins, Loveland and beyond in the Colorado county.

Since Aug. 1, 11 establishments did not pass their first visit and required a re-inspection, in addition to one restaurant near the Colorado State University campus being shut down on the spot. That's relatively rare for Larimer County.

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Restaurants in Larimer County are no longer rated or graded with feedback like "excellent," "good" or "fair." As of Jan. 1, 2020, they are simply allowed up to 49 points worth of violations to "pass." 50-109 points earn them another try at a "re-inspection," and anything over 110 earns them an immediate "closure."

The 11 establishments that did not pass their first inspection this month and will require or have already undergone a re-inspection were:

  • Sunrise Ranch in Loveland
  • Taqueria Rancho Alegre 3 in Loveland
  • Dragon Lee Restaurant in Fort Collins
  • Burger King on Shields in Fort Collins
  • COL Kitchen & Cafe in Loveland
  • Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Loveland
  • Hog Wild BBQ in Fort Collins
  • White Tree in Fort Collins
  • La Creperie in Fort Collins
  • My Empanadas in Fort Collins
  • Ole International Kitchen in Estes Park

Additionally, one popular restaurant near the CSU campus had a pretty unsuccessful inspection. Back Door Grill on the corner of Mason and Laurel Streets in Fort Collins unfortunately was beyond the 109-point "closure" threshold, had its food license suspended and was "ordered to cease all food preparations and to close."

You can check out the full inspection report on the Larimer County Department of Health website for what went wrong. It appears, however, that the issues were corrected, and it has since reopened.

You can always stay updated with every inspection in Larimer County by viewing their inspection report database.

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