According to Big Seven Travel, one Fort Collins bar has put us on the map.

The website compiled a list of the best craft beer bars in the U.S., "selected due to the quality of the beer, vibes, and overall travel-friendliness."

One of my personal favorite bars— The Mayor of Old Town in Fort Collins— ranked at #6.

The Mayor of Old Town features 100 draught beers available on tap, as well as a friendly staff that will help you if you're new to the scene. I used to take all of my first dates here, since picking your first beer is a great topic of discussion based on how many you have to choose from. According to the article, if you're lucky, you might also have the chance to try a small batch of locally-brewed beer made especially for those Fort Collins local regulars.

Congratulations to one of the best bars in Fort Collins! To read the full list of bars, click here.