A lot of folks came to Windsor for Windsor Wonderland, and a lot folks got a flyer that was handed out, urging people to not let Windsor Lake be 'stolen.'

The Town of Windsor is saying, 'Calm Down' to those who are getting riled up about the idea that Windsor Lake may soon not be open for large events, as it has been. Did you see any of the flyers that were handed out on December 4, 2021?

Windsor Wonderland is a big event during the holidays, so it would make sense that if you wanted to get information into the hands of residents, that would be the event to be at with many copies of what the Town is calling false information.

According to the town, the flyer said:

Per order of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) starting next summer lake access will be limited to small gatherings. Large community gatherings for events such as the Harvest Festival, 4th of July, Labor and Memorial Days, and other will not be permitted. The construction of 250 condominiums will displace public access to the lake.” It also read, “Stop the theft of our lake!

The Town of Windsor says that whomever handed out these flyers are not affiliated with the the Town or the Downtown Development Authority, and the information is untrue. The Town of Windsor thinks that this has sprouted up because of new plans to develope the area south of Windsor Lake.

There will be a project going up south of the lake in the area knows at the 'triangle,' adjacent to the railroad tracks:

Windsor Project Area
Google Maps

Over the years, there's been a lot of talk about developing the 'triangle' but it looks like it's really going to happen this time around with Tribe Development.  

The project includes 15,000 square feet of restaurant space, retail and residential. The Town board approved $1 million for new parking in the area as part of the 2022 budget.

Nowhere in the project plans are there any plans to restrict access to  Windsor Lake or Boardwalk Park

From Town Manager, Steve Hale:

First and foremost, we want to dispel any notion that the park or access thereto is going to be limited in any way...  As part of planning process for the new development, parking will be required to accommodate the site’s new uses.

Though there's no set start date on construction, having worked at 600 Main Street in Downtown Windsor for many years, I'm very intrigued to see this new development come to life.

Get more on the brouhaha from the Town of Windsor.

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