It's only been 10 months since last time Em Rata was our Babe of the Day, but dammit -- some things just can't wait.

We here at Guyspeed have been trying to rededicate ourselves to quality and variety with our Babe of the Day posts lately. A big part of that is making sure we don't repeat ourselves too often. However, there are exceptions to every rule. In this case, that exception is none other than exceptional smoke show and world-renowned boobist, Emily Ratajkowski.

We wanted to wait a full year before featuring the well-known supermodel, activist, actress, and naked music video dancer extraordinaire as our Babe of the Day, but there has been an abundance bra-busting boobage shared on her Instagram feed of late that you just have to see. In fact, it might be considered a bro-crime to not share them with you in a timely fashion. We'll check the bro by-laws on that while you enjoy the Em Rata rack show.

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