Halloween brings a lot of fun to fall: Costumes, candy, and elephants crushing and devouring very big pumpkins. This Asian Elephant at Denver Zoo couldn't look happier about it, either.

Though we don't get to see the Denver Zoo employees who had to get the gourd out to the elephant, we do get to see it see it's demise. It's mesmerizing.


I wonder, how many pumpkin pies could be made with a 550-pound pumpkin? The elephant at the Denver Zoo has no time for silly questions, as he has a nice little nutritious snack. When is the last time you had such a big snack?

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Bodhi, an Asian elephant was born at the Columbus Zoo in April of 2004, and arrived at the Denver Zoo in November of 2011. Bodhi was the first bull elephant that the Denver Zoo took on within their new (in 2011) $50 million Asian Tropics exhibit.  You could say Bodhi is "kind of a big deal" at the Denver Zoo.


Bodh seems to have had about two dozen onlookers there at the Denver Zoo as he enjoyed his snack. It must have been a fun part of their visit, that day. Bodhi saunters over to the pumpkin and wastes little time smashing that thing open.

In the minute-long video, Bodhi just seems to let his mind wander while wolfing down that big pumpkin. Maybe he was thinking of his fellow elephants there at the zoo, Billy, Chuck, Groucho and Jake, perhaps wondering if they would be getting a fun Halloween snack as well. He does seem like a kind elephant, in that regard.

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