From highways to side roads to roundabouts, we all have experienced clueless drivers.

Whether it's driving 10 miles an hour under the speed limit or camping in the left lane, people are just confounded by ultra-conservative drivers. Take a look at the laundry list of things that blow my mind and see if they aren't the same ones that have you fuming while behind the wheel.

Highway On-Ramps

The idea here is to get up to the same speed as they are traveling on the highway in order to merge into traffic. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But no. Instead, you often get behind a car that for some reason doesn't accelerate. They just cruise their way on to the highway. Which leaves you to navigate around the slow mover to get moving on the highway.


We have discussed this one at length and for some reason, no one gets it. Let's try one more time. Signal as you exit the roundabout so the cars waiting to enter can enter. But with roundabouts, I think the biggest problem is trust. Most cars won't enter until it's clear or obvious the vehicle approaching really IS turning.

Any two lane street

Pick any one. If there are two lanes someone will be in the left lane going 5-10 miles an hour slower than the posted speed limit. Meanwhile, they are nearly even with the person in the right lane, not noticing the long line of cars behind them, practicing cuss words.

Left Lane Campers

Ah yes, the open road. The highway. A chance to let those ponies run, right? Absolutely, until you come upon the rolling roadblock that is left lane campers. The funny thing is there is a law against it. The left lane is for passing, not passing eventually or just because it's nicer there. Try this. Pass the car ahead of you, then merge back into the right lane. That long, open left lane looks so good when you don't have to apply the brakes.

Fear Factor would probably not even want to try an event here. Too scary.

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