Get ready for a Colorado getaway with easy access to hot springs, hiking trails, wildlife, biking, and sand dunes. This Dome Home is just down the road in Crestone, Colorado.

Believe it or not, this listing can be found under the "OMG" category at Seriously, the website has an "OMG" category where you can find fascinating and bizarre Airbnb's all over the world. This awesome unit is right here in Colorado.

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Delightful Dome Home In Crestone, Colorado

This place must be awesome; it has an almost perfect 4.96-star review at  It offers spectacular mountain views and plenty of peace and tranquility.

Historic Crestone, Colorado exemplifies small mountain town beauty within a community committed to sustainable living practices and spiritual traditions. The town continues to celebrate its pioneering spirit and unique diversity through contemporary self-reliance. - Town of Crestone

Unique Features of This Airbnb

This rental is somewhat reminiscent of a Hobbit hole. The listing at describes the dome as "soothing and nurturing." The gallery below includes images of the natural plaster walls and adobe floors.

Where Is Crestone, Colorado

Crestone, Colorado can be found in Saguache County at the foot of the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range. Resting at 7,923 feet, the ambiance transitions beautifully between alpine and high desert ecotones. / Canva / Canva

The town isn't particularly huge with a population of 138. That's okay considering most of us are looking for a small-town vibe where we can relax.

If you're heading to Crestone from Grand Junction, Colorado, you're looking at a 235-mile drive and roughly four hours and 58 minutes. If you're coming from Denver, the drive is roughly 195 miles in three-and-a-half hours.

While You're There

You'll find several fascinating things to do while in Crestone. offers these suggestions:

  • Crestone Artisans Gallery
  • Kit Carson Peak and Challenger Point
  • Haidakhandi Universal Ashram and Maha Lakshmi Shop
  • Crestone Ziggurat
  • Vajra Vidya
  • Elephant Cloud Market

How Much Will You Pay For All Of This?

As of today, Thursday, February 23, 2023, this unit is listed at at $113.60 per night. There is also a $75 cleaning fee and a $90.78 service fee. Let's say you were wanting to rent this unit for the dates of March 4-9, 2023. The total bill would come to $803.22. Please keep in mind this price is subject to change.

If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing Colorado getaway, this may be precisely what the doctor ordered. The dwelling is charming, and the scenery and surrounding attractions are amazing. As far as getaways go, the price is pretty hard to beat.

Stay In This 'OMG' Dome Home in One of Colorado's Smallest Towns

This delightful Airbnb can be found in the "OMG" category at Seriously, they have an "OMG" category.

The one-bed, one-bath dwelling can be found in Crestone, Colorado, population 138. Where is Crestone? You'll find it 49 miles north of Alamosa. states, "The dome interior is soothing and nurturing, with natural plaster walls and adobe floor, and curved spaces that recirculate air and energy. Situated in open forests, transitional between alpine and high desert ecotones, the air can be absolutely still, the sky spacious, and at other times subject to sun and storm. Deer abound, coyotes howl. Winding paths lead through the open forest to Rangsal Yeshe stupa (15 minutes).".

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