Maybe their vows should've said "'Til breath do you 'part."

A Conn. woman has been charged after she placed excrement on her estranged husband's toothbrush. Yeah, we're willing to bet that "estranged husband" is going to be "ex-husband" very soon.

Leslie Lang, 48, is the woman in question. Her husband had filed a complaint that she messed with some of his personal property, which is no good since he already had an order of protection against her stemming from an arrest for domestic violence.

“The investigation revealed that while Laing was retrieving property from her soon-to-be ex-husband’s home she put what appeared to be feces on his toothbrush,” police in the town of Ansonia said after they gave her a flou-ride to jail.

It's unclear if he put the toothbrush in his mouth (and, yes, we're sorry for that visual).

Authorities performed a DNA test and found that Laing's DNA matched the poop on the toothbrush. So, at least she had the decency to use her own dookie. You'd have to be a real psycho to use dung from someone who's not your significant other, right?

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