The end of an era has come for this Loveland brewery, but they're going out with style and fun. If things had worked out differently, we wouldn't necessarily be having to say, "See, ya," but it's not officially "goodbye."

On the bright side, we can get some great deals on their beers and merchandise before a great brewery closes its taproom. Did you know that at one point, their location was a bowling alley?

Crow Hop Brewing in Loveland began in 2013. They used to be on Third Street, back before The Foundry came in. Since 2018, their taproom has been on Fourth Street.

Back in the 1950s, their space at 214 Fourth Str. was close to where Downtown Loveland's bowling alley used to be.


Just when the new taproom was really getting off the ground, the pandemic struck. Difficulties during the lockdown (dealing with the SBA) and coming out of the pandemic have taken their toll on the brewery, and Crow Hop announced in April 2023, that by summer, the taproom would be closed. 

We will continue to operate production and distribution to area accounts, as well as participate in festivals and other events while we refocus our efforts on growing our brewery in new and exciting directions.

With the closing of the taproom approaching, they have been taking it all in stride, posting some fun stuff:

Now, the time has come to officially say, "See ya, gang."

Crow Hop announced that the weekend of July 22 and 23, 2023, would be the taproom's final weekend.

I, like hundreds of others, will miss hanging out and enjoying their craft beer with friends.

TSM/Dave Jensen
TSM/Dave Jensen

Good Luck, Crow Hop, and continued success in creating that craft beer.

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