The screams coming from Glenwood Springs these days have a lot to do with the closure of I-70, but by the summer of 2022, it will be Glenwood Canyon making us howl with a new rollercoaster in development from Gerstlauer. 

Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park has created some serious buzz this week all across the country with the news of a new rollercoaster that will sit atop Iron Mountain some 1300 feet above Glenwood Springs and the Colorado River. 

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The New Rollercoaster in Development for Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park

Gerstlauer makes some pretty amazing rollercoasters. They aren't just good at building cool rides, but they do an amazing job of making those rides fit into the landscapes that surround them.

The new "Defiance" coaster will be the largest ride investment to date for the adventure park and feature a 75-foot vertical lift that will be sure to make your smartphone and car keys fall right out of your pockets so hang on! Since the ride is still in development let's dive into the animated POV released by Gerstlauer earlier this week. Let's take a look at this bad boy in the photo gallery below. You can see the POV video below after the photo gallery.

New Mountain Top Roller Coaster in Development for Glenwood Caverns

The new "Defiance" rollercoaster features a 75-foot vertical lift that will probably make everything you own fall out of your pockets. Who's going first?

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