Wildfires are natural disasters that our great state of Colorado is all too familiar with. However, one Colorado man was inspired to build a special kind of home that was built specifically to be as fire-resistant as possible, while also being especially energy efficient.

Keep scrolling to learn about this house, and take a virtual tour of Colorado's first-ever Passive House.

What is a Passive House?

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At this point, you're probably asking yourself what a Passive House even means. Passive Houses are a relatively new concept to Colorado, as the very first one was built as recently as 2016.

Basically, a Passive House is built with precise specifications to make it airtight, energy efficient, and fireproof.

The walls are much thicker than any you'd find on an ordinary house, and they're filled with quite a bit of insulation. Speaking of insulation, Passive Houses use a special kind that acts as an airtight barrier between living spaces and things like electrical wires and plumbing.

It's a very unique concept, as you'll see below with the first one ever to be built in Colorado.

Colorado's First Passive House

The first house to be certified as passive in Colorado belongs to a man by the name of Andrew Michler. Michler was inspired by the devastation from wildfires that surrounded prior places that he'd called home and built this special house way up on top of a mountain just outside of Masonville, Colorado.

His house uses things like solar, rainwater, and all kinds of equipment to not only make his home especially energy efficient but just about as fireproof as it gets as well.

Keep scrolling to check out Colorado's very first certified Passive House:

Colorado’s First Passive House is as Fire Resistant as they Come

Check out Colorado’s first certified Passive House which was built to be energy efficient and exceptionally fire-resistant. 

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