Feb. 1-7 proved to be one of the worst weeks in U.S. history for avalanche deaths.

Colorado had three deaths reported at the The Nose, Middle Fork Mineral Creek southeast of Ophir. Three backcountry skiers were caught and killed in the incident. Another back country skier was caught and partially buried

According to a Facebook post by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, other states were part of the week of tragedy.

"From Alaska to New Hampshire and across the western United States the period from January 30th up to yesterday has been exceptionally tragic. There have been 15 confirmed fatalities due to avalanches in that span.

The organization compared this week to a seven-day period in 1910, when 96 people passed on the west side of Stevens Pass in Washington. The photo that they posted of the tragic event is included below.

Since January 29, there have been over 500 avalanches "reported to and observed by the CAIC", and the organization promises to continue to provide information about avalanches to the public so as so properly educate and hopefully to help prevent more in the future.

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