If you spent your 2019 summer nights in Colorado, then you will know how many ice-cold beverages and late-night lake trips it took to cool off from the blazing sun.

And while our summer in Northern Colorado was plenty hot, The Denver Post reports our neighbors in the southeast corner of the state felt the heat, unlike any Colorado generation before them.

The temperature reached a scorching 115 degrees on July 20 at the John Martin Dam near Lamar, Colorado — Colorado’s hottest temperature ever recorded according to the official state meteorological records holder, The Colorado Climate Center.

We owe this new record discovery to Ian Livingston, a meteorologist from Washington D.C. who happened to accidentally stumble upon this reading in August. Livingston was simply following his routine of tweeting a list of each state’s individual hottest temperatures when Becky Bolinger, assistant state climatologist, noticed a rather high reading for our climate-diverse state.

Bolinger, the local National Weather Service, and the Colorado Climate Center worked diligently on the confirmation process to determine if the newly recorded 115-degree temperature had made history. The final vote confirmed the resounding ‘yes’ from climate specialists, that this temperature will, in fact, go down in Colorado’s weather history books as the hottest temperature on record.

The previous record of 114 degrees was set in Las Animas in 1933 and Sedgwick in 1954.

2019 has been full of record-breaking temperatures with Colorado’s lowest official pressure reading during March’s bomb cyclone, and in August with Colorado’s largest hailstorm.

With these ratings, who knows what other weather records our Colorado climate is willing to break — watch out for next record-breaking blizzard this winter.

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