With the rise in popularity of online shopping, it's safe to say that in 2023, the ability to reliably receive your mail is of paramount importance to most Americans. In many ways, the US Postal Service hasn't been this close to the forefront of the American public's collective mind since the agency's inception. Unfortunately, being so often thought of isn't always a good thing, as it gives people more time to focus on the negative aspects.

You may have heard quite a lot about excessive delays in mail delivery during the 2022 holiday season, exacerbated by the aforementioned increase in online orders that need shipping. Well, it turns out that the stranglehold of online retailers on the mail is delaying delivery of regular mail to many small mountain towns in Colorado, and according to a report from Summit Daily, some folks are fed up and ready to sue.

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It is an undeniably sad state of affairs surrounding the US Postal Service, these days. Again, much of this can be linked to online retailers and the incentives they give and are given to get their packages delivered, but that's far from the only reason. As anyone with a job in this country can attest to, budget cuts and staffing issues take their toll, as well.

What it adds up to is an American public with their faith in the US Postal Service at an all-time low, and Colorado mountain towns waiting for their mail. Recent legislation to improve the agency's transparency is a step in the right direction, but until we can guarantee people will actually get their mail in places like Steamboat Springs, I don't see anyone's opinion of the Post Office improving any time soon. If they aren't careful, they could replace the DMV as everyone's most-hated government building.

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