A 66-year-old Colorado man caught a blue catfish so big, it broke two state records. Randy Stillwell's catfish was over 38 inches long and weighed over 29 pounds.

Randy Stillwell from Pueblo West likes to go fishing five times a week, every week. Randy and his buddy Bill Shumaker went fishing for crappie and walleye on December 1 on Lake Pueblo. He started off fishing for walleye, then gave up and moved to crappie.

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Well, it's a good thing Randy gave up on the walleye because he caught a fish that he'll never forget. Instead of reeling in crappie like he was planning, Randy ended up reeling in a state record-sized blue catfish. It took him 30 minutes to reel in the catfish, making sure it didn't break his 14-ounce test line.

With a little help from his fishing friend, Bill, Randy landed one monster fish. The blue catfish weighed over 29 pounds and was over 38 inches long. This means that Randy's catfish broke two Colorado state records.

The Colorado state record for blue catfish by length was held by Kenneth Dust at 35 inches, but not anymore. Randy's fish has this beat by three inches. Colorado's state record for blue catfish by weight was held by Charlie Black at over 24 pounds, but Randy's catfish has that state record beat by five pounds.

A huge congratulations to Randy Stillwell for catching one monster blue catfish. Every second of that 30 minutes spent reeling this giant in was well worth it.

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