Even though the state of Colorado appears to be square on a map, it is far from being the shape of a square or even a rectangle. Colorado's borders look as if there are only four sides, but in reality, there are a total of 697.

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This makes the state of Colorado the shape of a hexahectaenneatakiaheptagon. It's a mouthful and spellcheck thinks it's a bunch of jumbled letters from letting a cat walk on the keyboard.

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According to Urban Dictionary, the word, hexahectaenneatakiaheptagon, means a shape with 697 sides... so the state of Colorado. BigThink.com states that surveyors in the 1800s didn't exactly have the technology to create super straight lines back then. Hence, the 697 sides of the state of Colorado.

Am I the only one who thinks that this word should be used to replace the name of one of the very tiny towns that are on the Colorado border? I am pretty sure that would be fitting and the perfect place for one Colorado town to be renamed.

The next time you hear someone say Colorado is just a square, be sure you let them know it's actually a hexahectaenneatakiaheptagon. But before you do that, be sure to master the correct pronunciation of the word. I know it is going to take me quite a bit of time and linguistic skill to be able to confidently pronounce the shape correctly.

Source: BigThink.com

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