Divorce rates are increasing in Colorado compared to the rest of the nation. But why? What makes Coloradans' marriages more complex than other states? What is causing Coloradans to go to their lawyers and say, "I don't"? We now have answers.

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Forbes looked into divorce and the top reasons why Americans are getting divorced.

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Forbes asked 1,000 Americans for this study and discovered that 43% of couples end their marriages due to lack of family support.

What Does Lack of Family Support Mean?

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I had the same question. Lack of family support can be many different things. This can be disagreeing on parenting style, emotional support, communication problems, and more.

...those who married as a formal act of commitment were more likely to end the marriage due to a lack of intimacy. - Forbes

Coloradans Are Getting Divorced At Higher Rates Than the Rest of the Nation


According to World Population Review, Colorado has the 15th highest divorce rate compared to the rest of the 50 states in our country.

Colorado will continue to climb the ladder in divorce rates. Experts believe that the rate of divorce in Colorado is going to continue to climb.

How To Avoid Divorce in Colorado

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The top way to avoid divorce is to make sure you connect with your partner. I am not married myself and never have been. So take this with a grain of salt.

I have been in a committed relationship for a long period of time. I have found that the best thing for my relationship is simply talking to each other. It can be a long and deep conversation or just showing that you care about their day. Communication is key.

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