Look, I'm not going to say that riding a bicycle isn't healthy, nor will I say it's not good for the environment, because both of those things happen to be true. I'm just saying that I really don't like cyclists on major roadways. Their presence makes me nervous, and they can't keep up with the flow of motor vehicle traffic. They have the legal right to be there, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't, but I will never be happy to see a dude on a bicycle pass me at a stop light.

With all that said, as much as I dislike cyclists on the road, they deserve the same respect and courtesy as our fellow car-drivers. By that I mean that nobody should be shooting cyclists on the road, or anybody else, for that matter.

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Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened in Denver earlier this month, as a person on a bicycle was shot by a person in a vehicle. A KIA Sportage, to be specific. Now, it appears that the vehicle in question was actually stolen, according to authorities, so I'm not sure how much this shooting had to do with hatred of cyclists as opposed to its relation to the commission of a separate crime.

Nevertheless, Metro Denver Crime Stoppers are offering a $2,000 reward for any information about the suspected driver. If you live in the Denver area, and you have such information, you can call them at (720) 913-7867. Here's to hoping we can catch this jerk, and mend the damage done to motor vehicle/cyclist relations.

Source: Out There Colorado

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