A notorious Colorado cult leader's dead body was found mummified.

The cult was knowns as the 'Love Has Won' group, a notorious cult located in Colorado. The former leader of the cult, 45-year-old Amy Carlson had recently passed away, and following her passing, her body was allegedly mummified and now the discovery of the body has been recorded on a police bodycam.

The 'Love Has Won' cult was allegedly calling the town of Moffat, Colorado, home, and was discovered by local police last year.

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The leader of the alleged cult, Amy Carlson, passed away last April and her body was said to have been mummified and decorated with Christmas lights. The body was then found by police and a police report was filed, which included reports of children in the residence at which the body was found.

This finding was later followed with charges of tampering with a deceased human body, abuse of a corpse, and misdemeanor charges of child abuse. However, all of these charges have since been dropped.

Prior to her passing, Carlson appeared on the Dr. Phil show at which she was questioned about claims of abuse made by former members of the cult at which she was a leader, all of which she denied.

It is still unclear as to the circumstances in which Carlson passed away, and the future of the cult is still uncertain as well, but the case remains open and is still under investigation.

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