My dogs (Koda and Gypsy) are my family, and the connection has grown even deeper as Savannah and I have decided to not have kids, so to think about someone approaching us to steal one of our family members is enough to make anyone furious. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for one Denver man and his girlfriend according to CBS 4 as last week a man with a gun approached the couple and stole their 2-month old miniature dachshund puppy named "Loki".

The couple says they were enjoying a walk near Nettie More Park in Denver when they were robbed by some teenagers. There was a car parked close to the park and they kept encouraging the couple to come over with their dog so they could see and pet the dog. The teenagers then asked if they could take pictures with the dog, and the couple was happy to say yes. Then one teenager said, "I have to do this". At that point, a gun was pulled out and the leash was yanked out of the girlfriends hands.

The boyfriend tried to get the dog back but the teenager jumped in the car and locked the doors. He began pulling on the door handle and the teenager hit the gun against the vehicle glass and said, "Don't, just don't." And in just seconds the car and the dog were both gone.

Denver Crime Stoppers is looking for information about the suspects and has offered a $2,000 reward for anyone with information. Two juveniles have been identified in the robbery but the dog has not been located.

I just hope the dog owners can get their family member back.

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