Residents of Colorado are ready for a road trip. Where would you like to go? I posted the question on Facebook, "Quick, we're going on a road trip and we leave right now. Where are we going?"

It appears many Coloradans are ready to hit the beach. Some of us want to go to Las Vegas. A few want to take road trips to destinations that can't be reached by automobile. Here's where you say you'd like to go for our little outing.

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Setting a Course Out of Grand Junction, Colorado

Before we get too far into this, let's figure out what constitutes a "road trip." To my mind, a road trip is a getaway to a practical destination, one that can be reached by car in a day, or at the most, two days. The dictionary disagrees. According to Merriam-Webster:

road trip


1. a trip taken by a sports team to play one or more away games
2: an extended trip in a motor vehicle

I never really thought of road trips as "extended" getaways. In my mind, a road trip is where I call up my buddy Bob and say, "Hey, Bob. I don't have to be anywhere for 72 hours. Wanna head to Las Vegas and catch some concerts?" We then load up the SUV, book a room at the cheapest hotel we can, preferably one not too far from the concert venues, and then hit the road.

Grand Junction, Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada is about a seven-hour drive. Taking into account the fact I'm a coffee addict and my bladder is a piece of junk, I tend to stop a lot. Sometimes the drive takes eight hours. With a Vegas trip, though, you gain an hour at the Nevada state line. You promptly lose that hour with a stop at the all-you-can-eat buffet at the casino in Mesquite.

Grand Junction, Colorado Residents Want To Visit These Locations

Some of your road trip selections were ambitious, to say the least. Tia wants to take a road trip to Clearwater, Florida to visit her sister she hasn't seen since 1964. That sounds nice. What doesn't sound like fun would be the part where Google Maps calculates the drive from Grand Junction to Clearwater at 2,199 miles and 31 hours driving time.

Grand Junction Colorado to Clearwater Florida
Google Maps / Canva

Natasha, on the other hand, would like to drive to Nova Scotia. According to Google Maps, that would be a relaxing 2,851 miles behind the wheel, and a total of 43 hours of driving time.

Excellent Answer In the Form of a Song Lyric

A big shout out to Michael L for his excellent response. Michael smartly busted out some familiar song lyrics perfectly suited to this post. There's nothing like a few words of wisdom, courtesy of Midnight Cowboy, to inspire us to get out and explore.

I’m going where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain,... going where the weather suits my clothes. - Everybody's Talkin (Echoes) by Fred Neil (made famous by Harry Nilsson

Let's Hit The Road, Colorado

We've been cooped up for a while now. The older I get, the more I enjoy spending time in my own backyard. A road trip doesn't mean you have to drive all the way to the moon. When was the last time you visited Cortez, Colorado? The Bluegrass festival in Salida, Colorado is back for 2022. A four-hour drive, tons of great music by the river, and with any luck, you'll spot some cute hippie chicks. We're long overdue for a road trip.

Colorado is Ready For a Road Trip and This is Where We're Going

I asked on Facebook, "Quick, we are going on a road trip and we leave right now. Where are we going?" Here's where you want to go.

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