Colorado Avalanche is more popular than ever following their Stanley cup winning season and now everyone wants to see the team in action.

According to a report from the official site of the Colorado Avalanche, season ticket memberships for the 2022-2023 season have officially reached capacity.

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Does This Mean Individual Game Tickets Are Sold Out Too?

Fortunately, individual game tickets are still available for purchase to see the Colorado Avs. However, if you would like to catch a game featuring Colorado Avalanche, I would recommend purchasing tickets ASAP.

Since the Avs Stanley Cup win last season, the team's 3rd franchise win in history, their popularity has risen quickly and there are thousands of people hoping to see some of the team's magic for themselves.

Is There Still A Chance to Grab Season Tickets for Colorado Avalanche?

There is still a chance to become a Colorado Avalanche season ticket member, but you'll need to join the "A List."

The A List membership provides exclusive member benefits and first access to season memberships as they become available.

In order to join you'll need to make a non-refundable seat deposit of either $800 or $200 per seat (6 maximum.)

The deposit secures your position in line and once a season ticket membership becomes available, the seat deposit will be credited toward the cost of your membership.

The one-time deposit continues to roll over each year until you are offered a full-season membership. Your position on the "A list" waitlist directly corresponds with when you joined. Basically the longer you wait, the further back on the list you'll be.

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