High School Sports

Winter sports underway
Today (December 1) marks the official start of winter sports for Colorado high schools, with the main sports being wrestling, boys and girls basketball, and girls swimming and diving.
High school playoffs
Last weekend, six high school teams from Western Colorado were in football playoff contention, hoping to advance to the next level and continue their trek towards a championship title. Now, there are only two teams left from Western Colorado.
High school playoffs continue
Throughout the remainder of November, championship games will take place for Colorado high school football teams, all gunning for championship titles for the 2014 season.
High school playoff update
Western Colorado high schools performed well this weekend in football playoffs, with most of the schools winning their respective games and advancing to the next playoff level.
High school player taunted
A Colorado Springs high school soccer coach says one of his players who is from the African nation of Ivory Coast was taunted with racial slurs and other insults by members of another team.
Playoffs fully underway
Colorado high school football playoffs are officially in full swing, with all seven classifications fully immersed in the playoff season.
Playoffs in full swing
After finishing the last weekend of regular season play, Colorado high school football teams in Class 4A and 3A will begin playoff action later this week. Playoff football brackets for both classifications were announced Sunday.
High school football update
This weekend in Colorado high school football will definitely be action-packed, especially considering some high schools are finishing off their regular season, and the rest are beginning playoff action.

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