Picnics combine two wonderful things: food and outdoors. This means finding the perfect spot to picnic is important.

Grand Junction has a variety of beautiful destinations for a picnic, but my personal favorite is Devil's Kitchen.

Devil's Kitchen is a short one-mile hike on the Monument that leads to gorgeous rock formations creating an open cave-like feel. There are multiple nooks and crannies that make great picnic spots, or wider rock surfaces for bigger groups.

The rock formations allow you to find shady spots any time of day if you desire a break from the sun. There are also many great spots to the left of Devil's Kitchen if the main area is too crowded.

Devil's Kitchen is closest to the East Side Monument Entrance. It is the first parking lot on the left, which is also the parking lot for No Thoroughfare Canyon and Old Gordon Trail.

Trailhead address is 2377 Glade Park Road- Monument Road, Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, CO 81507.

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