Saturday afternoon there is only one question, are you ready to party on the patio? The cloak of old man winter is ready to give way to the rebirth of spring so what better reason do we need to raise a glass and cheer?

Monday is the celebration of the Feast of St. Patrick the patron saint ofIreland, most of us know it better as St. Patrick’s Day. A day corned beef, green beer and Irish car bombs. I know there is lot more to the day than that but really look around the world and you’ll see that St. Patrick’s Day has become just a huge party and why not?

We have been cooped up all winter long dealing with long cold nights and short dreary days so its time to get out and enjoy a cold beer in the sun. I have always felt that St. Patrick’s Day was about the coming of spring more that some dead saint.

Look around and you can see Mother Nature is becoming greener by the day. The sun is staying up a little longer and the air is definitely a little warmer. Say good-bye to old man winter and hello to hot summer nights.

Saturday you are invited toBoston’s from noon to 5pm for an afternoon of microbrews, games and prizes as we welcome spring back to the grand valley. The will be great so gather up a few friends and come Party on the Patio.

Don't miss our Party on the Patty at Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar on Saturday, March 15 on their patio for great micro brews and great fun.

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