Governor Cox has an initiative called “Disagree Better” which he hopes to bridge the divide in our country. He puts forth strategies to help people discuss things without becoming so angry. 

Americans need to disagree better. And by that we don’t mean that we need to be nicer to each other, although that’s helpful. We need to learn to disagree in a way that allows us to find solutions and solve problems instead of endlessly bickering. 

He has a list of initiatives to bring about his vision listed in the video and on the site. 

Are we Utahn’s an angry bunch? Where do we stack up as compared to other states? 

BestLIfe looked at each state in different categories and came up with a anger index score for each. These include road rage fatalities, toxic internet comments and hate crimes. 

The least angry state was Oklahoma followed by Kentucky. Utah was on the low end at #40. Road rage fatalities at 0.1, toxic internet comments at 5.9 percent and hate crimes down at 0.56. As a side note, let’s not up our toxic internet score while commenting on this article. 

The top angriest states according to this study were surprising. The number one angriest state was Alabama, followed by our neighbor Colorado and then South Carolina. I don’t know if this really portrays it correctly as those southern states seem pretty nice when I’ve been there.  

Governor Cox says people in the country really want to see this divide narrowed and I think that is true. The constant anger and toxic interactions are discouraging and wear me out. I don’t know if the Governor of a modestly populated western state can turn that around, but maybe it will get the ball rolling in that direction.  

And by the way, you folks in Colorado need to chill out some. 

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