There was a chance. That's all that Denver Broncos fans needed to be as pumped up as an 'inflate-gate' football when it came to the idea of him coming to Mile High.

Gus Frerotte and Paxton Lynch are two notable players for the Denver Broncos that wore #12, but it looks like Aaron won't be the latest player to do so, now that he and the Green Bay Packers have reached an agreement, keeping him there for this season.

Now, as the Broncos and the Broncos' fans gear up for this new season, we'll be watching either Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater as starting quarterback.

It's hard to just store all that 'he's coming!' excitement back into our lockers; sure, it was a fleeting chance, but it was a chance. A chance at seeing some great football. We'll see some 'good football' with Lock or Bridgewater as QB, but with Aaron, you could just feel it was going to be 'great' football.

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If Rodgers were to come on, they might have done a cool campaign where they take the D from his last name and use it to spell DENVER, somehow. That would be easy. This hits kind of hard. Not like losing a Super Bowl 55-10 hard, but it's hard.

You have to deal with the blows. We now have no choice but the two choices: Drew or Teddy. I'm on the fence; I'd love to see Drew get in there and excel, but it just doesn't seem likely that he'll do so. Teddy, I just don't know enough about.

Three preseason games, then it's at the Giants on September 12, 2021.

Good luck to both.

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