February is considered to be the month of love by many.

Today, in particular, though, is a day fully dedicated to love - today, Monday, Feb. 14 is Valentine's Day.

As much as this day is supposed to be all about love, there are many, many people who feel quite the opposite about this "holiday", which for many isn't looked at as much of a holiday at all.

Some people think you need to be in a relationship and/or have a significant other in order to celebrate and/or to be happy on Valentine's Day; to those people, I say you're wrong.

I mean, the day is supposed to be all about love, right? And love comes in countless other forms besides the form of a relationship.

So what if you're not in one? There are still so many ways to both give and show love on a day like today, and every day.

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If you're looking for love, maybe it's not a significant other that you need at this point in time.

Maybe, it's a love of a fur-ever friend that you're really looking for, the love you really need.

This Valentine's Day, there are countless cats and dogs looking for love - and forever homes right here in our local community.

I, for one, would argue that there is no better gift than the gift of a new pet - not to mention the love you're bound to receive from a pet is simply unmatched and you never have to worry about breaking up.

Show love this season of love (and be prepared to get it back) by adopting a dog or cat looking for love - and a forever home - in Northern Colorado.

50 Four-Legged Friends Looking For Love - And A Home - In Northern Colorado

If you're on the hunt for a fur-ever friend, consider adopting a dog or cat right here in Northern Colorado.

These 50 four-legged friends are looking for forever homes right now - will their new home be with you?

Keep scrolling to fall in love, and to potentially find your new best friend.

Did you just fall in love? (Trick question - of course you did. I mean, how could you not?)

So, if you think you're ready to make the big leap and are interested in adopting any of the cats and dogs you just saw here, visit the Larimer Humane Society's website or the Humane Society of Weld County's website. 

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