Loveland, The Sweetheart City, has many wonderful things to offer, not just to the folks that live there, but to the thousands of visitors every year.

I asked folks who are fans of Loveland, to submit things they believe make Loveland, 'Loveland,'  Things, places, events, etc, that when you bring them up, people say, 'Yes, Loveland'

Mariano Medina was key to founding what we know as Loveland, back in the mid-1800s with his toll bridge that went over the Big Thompson River. There's now a small cemetery not far from where that toll bridge was. That cemetery made the list.

On the south shore of Lake Loveland, is Dwayne Webster Veteran's Park. When I was growing up in Loveland, it was known as Lakeside Park and 'Cannon' Park. That park made the list.

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At Fairgrounds Park you'll find the Lone Tree Schoolhouse that was built in 1883, named after a single tree that was near the school. Lone Tree made the list.

Devil's Backbone is a natural wonder in Loveland; a short hike will take you to the picturesque 'Keyhole.' It made the list, as well.

Loveland wouldn't be Loveland, for sure, without sculptures. They made the list, twice.

I'm sure that this is a list that is not complete, but that's OK; you can always add to a great list.

Take a look at 31 things that make Loveland, 'Loveland.'

31 Things That Make Loveland, 'Loveland'

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