When you are hungry for sushi, there are a lot of options in Grand Junction - and now there's one more.

Sushi Has Been Around Forever

To me, sushi feels like a new fad in recent years, but, the reality is it's far from new. Depending on your source, sushi has been around from as far back as between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC to the second century A.D.  This delicacy has been around for centuries.

When Did Sushi Arrive In Grand Junction?

The question in my mind is when did sushi first come to Grand Junction? I don't have the answer to that question, although I'm sure somebody does. But, we know it's been in the Grand Valley for a long time, and today it's as popular as ever. We have so many choices when it comes to finding sushi.


12 Places To Find Sushi in Grand Junction, Colorado

I found no less than 12 places in Grand Junction that offer sushi - including a brand new restaurant that recently opened on North Avenue. There may be more, but here is a list of places where can find amazing sushi in Grand Junction - including Grand Junction's newest sushi restaurant.

A List of Missed Long Gone Grand Junction Bars + Restaurants

Here's a list of long gone Grand Junction bars and restaurants that are missed. Grand Junction will never forget these bars and restaurants that are long gone.

12 Grand Junction Restaurants Serving Big Portions of Food

If you're hungry and are looking for a big meal in Grand Junction here is where you should go:



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